Was your card lost/stolen or used without your permission?

Call the Visa Security Department immediately at 1-844-546-8215. This number is operational 24/7.

What you’re responsible for
You may be legally responsible for the unauthorized use of your credit card. You will not be legally responsible for unauthorized use that happens after you tell us about the loss, theft, or possible use without your permission. You will have no legal responsibility for unauthorized purchases made with your credit card, unless you are grossly negligent in the handling of your card. In any case, you will not be legally responsible to pay more than $50.

Payment Options   Online  Automatic Payments  Mail
When is the payment posted to my account?
Visa Pay My Bill
Same Day

eBanking payIT
1 business day
On the Due Date 24-48 hours
after we receive it

Allow 7 days
for mailing time

How is my
payment made?
You set up your payment at your convenience for the amount you choose
Payments are automatically withdrawn from your ACU account – no action is
required by you once set up
Write a check &
mail it to us with
your coupon

Which online option is best
for you?

On Demand with Pay My Bill
At least 2 days before the payment due date with
eBanking PayIT
The account the payment comes from:

spendIT Checking

Choose how much to pay:
- Full balance
- A set amount
- The minimum 2.5% balance
Mail Payments to one of the addresses below:
Payment Processing Center ACU Main Office  
Abri Credit Union Visa
PO Box 2711
Omaha, NE 68103-2711
Abri Credit Union
1350 West Renwick Road
Romeoville, IL 60446
card balance
months to payoff
monthly payment $

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