If you don’t need your money for 12 to 24 months, investIT Certificates are a safe way to earn more money on your money. Rates are higher than the average savings account or secret spot under your mattress.

Starting Balance $100 minimum
Withdrawals You are not supposed to take your money out of an InvestIT Certificate until it reaches 12 or 24 months. If you do, you will lose 90 days dividends

If you think you may need the money before the 12 or 24 months, consider a money market or saveIT account instead.
Auto Renew One month before your certificate matures we will send you a letter asking what you want us to do with your money.

If you do not tell us what to do within 7 days of maturity, the money in your certificate will automatically roll into another certificate for the same number of months (12 or 24) at the current rate.
Is my money insured? 100% of your certificate balance is
insured by ASI
Maximum Deposit Unlimited
Certificate Length 12 or 24 months
What You'll Earn 12 months - 2.25% APY

24 months - 2.25% APY
deposit amount $
months saved
total savings $

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